Motorcycles Tours Machu Picchu

Located to 118km to the northeast of the city of the Cusco , Inca nailed in a mountain is impressive ciudadela. Its name translated to the Spanish means ? Old Mountain ?. Also the Lost City of the Incas has been called him ??, was a mystery until it was discovered for the world by Hiram Bingham in 1911. The construction of ciudadela would date from century XV and it is attributed Inca Pachacutec. It is divided in two sectors that an extension of 20hec has. approx. The agricultural sector presents/displays terraces constructed in slopes of mountains. The urban sector is formed by diverse constructions between which they emphasize the call Temple of the Sun, the Intihuatana, the Temple of the Three Windows, the Main Temple and the call Cóndor Sector. Also is an impressive monolithic piece fallow ground, of 3mt of stop and 7mt of well-known base like the Sagrada Rock. One of the walls better obtained is the central wall of the Main Temple , in which the blocks fit perfectly.

The Historical Sanctuary of Machupicchu not only is invaluable archaeologically, also this associate to the exuberante fauna and flora. In 1 983 Cultural and Natural Patrimony of the Humanity was declared by UNESCO.





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