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Day 01 Cusco – Inca Trail – Aguas calientes

Early in the morning we will pass by your hotel to pick you up transfer to the train station which will lead us to kilometer 104 of the rail line that joins the city of Cusco and Machu Picchu. Here begin our great adventure for the Inca trail. After a short period of walk we will find the first archaeological site known as Chachabamba located 2.150 m.a.s.l. Later we will walk in ascending order by the mountain for 4 hours until reach to Wiñaywayna located at 2.700 meters above sea level. Wiñaywayna is an important archaeological group of Inca agricultural platforms; it also holds a religious sector and an urban sector.

Wonderful landscapes are exposed along the road. During the tour we will have a short break to have lunch. Then continue our trip in ascending order until reach to Inti Punku, quechua word that means gate of the Sun, from there we can see the great Inca city of Machu Picchu. After this wonderful experience we go by bus to the village of Aguas Calientes.

Day 02 Aguas calientes – Machu Picchu – Cusco

In the morning after breakfast, We will go by bus to the Inca city of Machu Picchu to perform our guided tour of the most important areas of this great Inca city, such as the urban area and agricultural as well as the turrets, ceremonial plazas, sacred source, the Intihuatana or solar clock and terraces from where we can contemplate the domains of the Inca

After a guided tour of two hours, you will have time to visit freely Machu Picchu and take all the pictures you want. At the time indicated by our guide we will descend toward the village of Aguas Calientes in order to have lunch. In the afternoon we will board the train of return to the city of Cusco.



  • Transfer: Cusco – Inca trail.
    Entrance fee: Inca trail and Machu Picchu.
    Camping Equipment: dining tent, shops double, dining room (chairs, tables) shop kitchen
    Meals during the trek.
    Mule and Muleteers to move camping equipment, food and the luggage of the passenger.
    First aid kit and oxygen.
    Professional Guide.
    Train ticket: Aguas Calientes – Cusco.
    Transfer train station – hotel Cusco


  • Sleeping bag



  • Backpacks for personal things
  • Personal documents (passport).
  • Flashlight.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Bottle and tablets to purify water.
  • Waterproof clothing.
  • Long pants.
  • Trekking shoes
  • Short pants.
  • Rain clothing.
  • Slippers or sandals to relax the feet in the camp.
  • A cap or hat.
  • Personal medications



Personal Information

Trip Information


The Inca Trail to Machu picchu… The famous “Inca Trail” which connects the city of Cusco to Machupicchu’s sacred citadel, is only a small part and tangential huge network of Inca roads. There were many trails built by Incas in Peru and South America, but there is only one Inca Trail, the one that is connecting to Machupicchu the Inca`s “Royal Sacred Highway” The Capac Ñan (in Quechua ‘the road of the Inca king’) or Inca Trail is the name given to the extensive trail system of 25 to 30 thousand kilometers linked and connected to the main axis of the road network Tahuantinsuyo (the Inca Empire.) All roads of the empire were linked to Cusco, the imperial capital, from which emerge a series of roads connecting the various peoples of the Inca Empire. During the Inca Empire was a means of integration for the Inca imperial expansion in the political-administrative, socio-economic, social, cultural and environmental.
Hiram Bingham, discoverer of Machupicchu in 1911, found the trail in 1915. The highway was traced and explored in more details in 1942 by the Viking Expedition with Paul Fejos 1941.
There is nothing like the feeling of discovery you get when, after 4 days of hiking stone-paved Inca pathways, you finally ascend the last trail, walk to the arch of Intipunku (“Gate of the Sun”), and see spread before you Machupicchu, the beautiful, enigmatic, “lost city” of the Incas. To arrive on foot, as the Incas did, is to step back in time and feel a real link with Inca history. The Inca Trail to Machupicchu is a classic hike. There are few short hikes anywhere in the world that can offer such a mix of jungle and sierra, so many secluded ruins to explore en route, and such stunning mountain views- plus the thrill of culminating at the most famous archaeological site on the continent… Machu Picchu.

Walking the Inca Trail with QORIANKA TOURS, Fully portered trek where your comfort is our prime responsibility, we make sure that you get the best experience of your holiday while you interact with the locals, explore and rediscover remote ancient Inca buildings, learning some Quechua words and history, take in the stunning landscape surrounding you and simply feel one with mother nature, while we carry your gear, prepare your meals, set up your tents avoiding crowded campsites and take care of all your requirements. At QORIANKA TOURS we want you to worry about nothing but getting the maximum out of your trip… just exceeding your expectations !! Tours designed with passion by experts and great value for money !



Early pick-up from your hotel will begin around 5:00 am. We will meet at our departure point, Plaza Regocijo, by 5:30 to board our private transportation. Make sure you carry your original passport or ISIC card. Our journey from Cusco to Piskacucho takes approximately 3 hours, with many beautiful views of the Sacred Valley, the Urubamba River, Andean towns, and the Inca town of Ollantaytambo. Along the way, we will stop to stretch our legs, use the bathroom, and enjoy breakfast, before continuing on to Piscacucho (2,680 m / 8,790 ft). There we will meet our camp crew and the porters who will carry our belongings during our 35-mile hike. Passports in hand, we clear the official Inca Trail check point, cross a suspension footbridge across the Urubamba River, and begin our trek with a gentle climb. We have three hours on relatively level terrain as we follow the course of the river, rewarded with superb views of Mount Veronica (5,750 m). The easy walk passes through a forest of giant cactus and native bushes. At Miskay we take the trail to the left, ascending gradually to Willkaraccay high above the mouth of the Cusichaca River and across from the Inca town of Llactapata (Terrace Town). Our vantage point is from a flat bluff above the extensive site, which was built as a fort because it commands the entrance to the Cusichaca Valley. The terracing system was used during Inca times for growing maize, a prestige crop that needed irrigation in the dry highlands. After a short rest, we continue another 15 minutes down to our lunch site at Tayaroc. Our path is adorned with native flowers and bromeliads growing in the boulders along the left side, and by majestic views of the mountains in both valleys. Walking times are always approximate, depending on weather conditions, group ability and other factors. After lunch, another 3-4 hours will bring us to the village of Wayllabamba (3,000 m / 9,840 ft), followed by an uphill climb through woods and along a stream to our first camp at Ayapata (3,300 m / 10,824 ft). You will be rewarded with Te Macho and a buffet dinner.Meals: BLD

  • Accommodation: Camping
  • Maximum Altitude: 3,300 m/10,824 ft
  • Minimum Altitude: 2,680 m/8,790 ft
  • Distance Travelled: 12 km approx
  • Approximate Walking Time: 6-7 hours / Ascent up: 620 m


After breakfast, we depart from the Ayapata camp around 7:00 am. This is our longest day, but one rewarded with spectacular views down several valleys and up to the surrounding snow-covered peaks. We will put in a 5-hour hike to reach our lunch camp in the Pacaymayo Valley, then another 3-4 hours to our night camp at Chakicocha.
We begin with a 900-m ascent up to the Warmiwanusca (Dead Woman’s) Pass at 4,200 m/13,776 ft. Along the way, we ascend steeply uphill through the Corralpunku Valley to the Llulluchayoc Zone, where you can see several species of birds. With luck we’ll see hummingbirds, falcons and black-chested buzzard eagles. We’ll soon enter a beautiful cloud forest, or polylepis woodland, and the treeless grasslands of the puna. From this point, you can see the highest pass ahead. The path climbs for two more hours along a large number of steps, some of them newly laid to protect the mountain from erosion. You can walk at your own pace, stopping to catch your breath whenever you like. This last hard climb brings us to Dead Woman’s Pass, the first of two that we will cross today.
Once the full group reaches this pass, we take a rest break before beginning a steep descent into the Pacaymayo Valley on the other side. You’ll find that your energy returns as we proceed along this downhill segment toward a generous lunch and rest.
In the afternoon we begin a second ascent, this time to the ruins at Runcuracay, located a bit below the Runcuracay Pass (3,950 m / 12,956 ft). From the pass, in clear weather, you can look back to the Dead Woman’s Pass and forward to a breath-taking sweep of snow-capped peaks. These include the 6,000-m Pumasillo (Puma’s Claw) massif. From here, most of the trail is downhill or gently undulating until we reach the impressive ruins at Sayacmarca.
After some exploration, another 20 minutes bring us to Chakicocha (3,400 m / 11,000 ft). This will be our coldest night on the trail, at around +3 degrees C in December and -4 C in June. Tea time and Buffet Dinner.Meals: BLD

  • Accommodation: camping
  • Maximum Altitude: 4,200 m/13,776 ft
  • Minimum Altitude: 3,000 m/9,840 ft
  • Distance Travelled: 16 km approx
  • Approximate Walking Time: 7-8 hours / Ascent up: 900 m


At sunrise, you will catch sight of Sayacmarca back along the trail, perched on the side of one of the many mountains that surround our campsite. Today’s hike is exceptionally beautiful because we will pass the ruins of Phuyupatamarca, Winaywayna and Intipata, and enjoy dramatic vistas of the Aobamba Valley. This stretch of the trail is of well-kept paved stone, still in great condition after many centuries. Your lungs will appreciate the fact that today’s hike is much more down than up, and significantly shorter than yesterday’s.
In getting to Phuyupatamarca (the Town of the Clouds), we will pass through the first of two short, natural tunnels in the mountains. After visiting this site, we will descend about 2,000 stone steps to Winaywayna. If you have not had any knee problems up to this point, you may after this descent. If you have had prior knee injuries, we recommend the use of trekking poles, and perhaps an extra porter, to relieve some of the stress on your joints.
Around mid-day, we will arrive at the site of Winaywayna, which we will explore before completing a short additional hike to our camp site for the night (2,700 m / 8,856 ft). After lunch, we will visit the adjacent site of Intipata with its dramatic terrances.
A number of creature comforts will be available at this camp site. There is a bar and a small gift shop, and best of all, hot showers for a small fee. There will also be many more trekkers gathering here, ready for the final hike into Machu Picchu tomorrow. We therefore recommend taking extra care of your personal belongings here. Keep an eye on your daypacks and don’t leave anything outside your tent at night. Tea time and Buffet Dinner.Meals:BLD

  • Accommodation:camping
  • Maximum Altitude:3,750 m/ 12,300 ft
  • Minimum Altitude:2,700 m/8,856 ft
  • Distance Travelled:10 Km approx.
  • Approximate Walking Time:5-6 hours / Descent : 700 m


We will get up very early – around 4:00 am – to get to Inti Punku (the Sun Gate), overlooking Machu Picchu for the first rays of the sunrise. This will be a hike of 1-2 hours, with significant upward stretches in the last half. You will be hiking in darkness, so a headlamp is strongly recommended.
From Inti Punku, a final easy 40-minute hike will bring us to the entrance to Machu Picchu itself. The trail ends at a series of terraces, which present classic views of the overall city. We will continue on to explore the site, with explanations provided by the trek guide(s). The formal tour will end in the late morning, after which there will be a couple of hours for more exploring on your own, or to just collapse under a tree in the central plaza area.
Additional options: If your legs, lungs and energy still hold up after our four days of hiking, it may be possible to climb the peak of Huayna Picchu, behind the main site. However, special permits are required and they are issued in limited quantities. So if you are interested, talk with your guide(s) at the initial briefing for the trek, and remind them on the third night to make arrangements. If permits are not available, you may instead hike to the Inca Bridge or climb Machu Picchu mountain, both located near the site.
In the early afternoon, lunch will be provided at “Los Viajeros” hostel down in the town of Aguas Calientes. There you will also be able to store your backpack, take a shower and/or look around the town a bit before catching the train back to Cuzco.Meals: BL

  • Accommodation: Not Included,
  • Maximum Altitude: 2,700 m / 8,856 ft
  • Minimum Altitude: 2,400 m / 7,872 ft ( Machupicchu )
  • Distance Travelled: 8 Km approx plus exploration of Machu Picchu
  • Approximate Walking Time: 6-7 hours / Descent : 300 m


What is Included:

  • Pre-departure briefing at 7 pm presented by your tour guides
  • the night before of your tour in our office. Suecia Street 300 – B.

Day 1

  • Collection from your hotel in Cusco or Sacred Valley.
  • Private bus to km 82 –Piskacucho village (trek starting point)
  • Breakfast in Ollantaytambo in our farm house, with bathrooms.
  • Permit for Inca Trail Trek National Sanctuary and Park.
  • 2 Excellent experienced top QORIANKA TOURS mountain leader-guides.
  • 2 expert QORIANKA TOURS gourmet mountain cook and assistants.
  • 1 group coordinator, 2 cheff of porter and 14 porters.
  • Dining and kitchen tent, camping tables and stools
  • Toilet tent with biodegradable system.
  • Buffet style lunch and hot drinks in Tarachayoc.
  • Guided visit of Llaqtapata, Wayllabamba and Cusichaca Canyon.
  • Happy hour with macho-tea and hot drinks every afternoon.
  • Camp at Ayapata, Buffet Dinner and hot drinks, (vegetarian option.)
  • 2 person per tent (clean spacious dome igloo style tent)
  • Thick, comfortable sleeping mattress, (Pillows by request)
  • Buckets of hot water for washing in your tent.
  • 24 hours Oxygen assistance and first aid kit.

Day 2

  • Permit for Inca Trail Trek National Sanctuary and Park.
  • A gentle start to the day with a wake up coca tea in your tent.
  • Hearty breakfast cereal and fruits to climb Dead woman`s pass
  • Boiled purified water after breakfast to refill your bottles
  • 2 Excellent experienced top QORIANKA TOURS mountain leader-guides
  • 2 expert QORIANKA TOURS gourmet mountain cook, assistants.
  • 1 group coordinator, 1 chief of porter and porters.
  • Dining tent and kitchen tent, camping tables and stools.
  • Toilet tent with biodegradable system.
  • Buffet lunch in Pacaymayo and hot drinks, (vegetarian option.)
  • Guided visit of Llullucha, Pacaymayo, Runkurakay, Sayaqmarca.
  • Camp at Chakicocha, Buffet Dinner and hot drinks. (vegetarian option.)
  • Happy hour with macho-tea and hot drinks every afternoon
  • 2 person per tent (clean spacious dome igloo style tent)
  • Thick, comfortable sleeping mattress, (Pillows by request)
  • Buckets of hot water for washing
  • Happy hour with macho-tea and hot drinks every afternoon
  • 24 hours Oxygen assistance and first aid kit.

Day 3

  • Permit for Inca Trail Trek National Sanctuary and Park.
  • A cup of hot chocolate tea or coffe kindly brought to your tent
  • Hearty breakfast cereals, bread, eggs and hot drinks.
  • Boiled purified water after breakfast to refill your bottles
  • 2 Excellent experienced top QORIANKA TOURS mountain leader-guides
  • 2 expert QORIANKA TOURS gourmet mountain cook, assistants.
  • 1 group coordinator, 1 chief of porter and porters.
  • Dining tent and kitchen tent, camping tables and stools.
  • Buffet lunch in Wiñaywayna and hot drinks. (vegetarian option.)
  • Guided visit of Inca tunnel, Phuyupatamarka Intipata and Wiñaywayna.
  • Camp at Wiñaywayna, Buffet Dinner and hot drinks. (vegetarian option.)
  • 2 person per tent (new and spacious dome igloo style tent)
  • Thick, comfortable sleeping mattress, (Pillows by request)
  • Buckets of hot water for washing and hands towels
  • Happy hour with macho-tea and hot drinks at afternoon
  • 24 hours Oxygen assistance and first aid kit.

Day 4

  • Permit for Inca Trail Trek National Sanctuary and Park.
  • A cup of hot chocolate tea or coffe
  • Hearty breakfast cereals and pancakes
  • Boiled purified water after breakfast to refill your bottles
  • 2 Excellent experienced top QORIANKA TOURS mountain leader-guides
  • 2 expert QORIANKA TOURS gourmet mountain cook, assistants.
  • 1 group coordinator, 1 chief of porter and porters.
  • Entrance fee for Machupicchu archaeological Sanctuary.
  • Guided visit of Intipunku the main entrance of Machupicchu
  • 3-4 guided tour in Machupicchu and extra time for yourself.
  • Snack at Machupicchu before your tour
  • Bus from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes.
  • Snack lunch in Aguas Calientes after Machu Picchu in Viajeros Hostel.
  • Time to go to the hot springs or shop around the village.
  • Tourist Expedition train return to Poroy Station and QORIANKA TOURS bus to Cusco.
  • Return to Plaza Regocijo end of our tour.



Payment Methods


Personal Information

Trip Information


Hiking the Inca Trail in 5 days instead of the usual 4 is perfect for travellers who wish to take a bit more time looking at the beautiful landscapes, biodiversity and archaeological centers along the trail. You will also be able to walk at your own pace without compromising any part of the trail.



We will pick you up very early from your hotel and transport you to the start of the trail, marker “82km.” There, we will begin the journey, walking along the Urubamba River and appreciating the flora and fauna in the area. After visiting the archaeological center of Llactapata, we will arrive at our campsite.


After breakfast, we will continue ascending to a semi-tropical valley for two hours until arriving at Huayllabamba village, the last village on the Inca Trail. There, we will rest and have lunch before beginning our ascent. For two hours, we will ascend, walking among abundant vegetation. Because of the wild trees and wildlife in this area, this area is known by many as the highest forest in the world. Then we will arrive at our campsite at 12,500 feet (3,800 meters).


After breakfast, we will continue our ascent towards the highest pass called Warmiwañusca at 13,800 feet (4,200 meters). While we are climbing, we will take in the snow-covered mountains that are also covered with Ichu (straw). From the highest point, we will observe the beauty of the deep valleys, roads and archaeological centers and with luck, we will catch a glimpse of the condors in flight. After a well-deserved rest, we will descend towards the valley of Paccaymayu at 11,500 feet (3,500 meters). Then, we will continue ascending to visit the archaeological center of Puncuraccay, a place that the Incas used for astronomical observations. After climbing for one more hour, we will reach the second pass at 12,500 feet (3,800 meters). From there, we will rest and take in the view of the lake before descending. After visiting the archaeological center of Sayacmarca, we will arrive at our campsite.


The fourth day is arguably the most interesting day of the trip. On this day, we will be able to see the original Inca Trail that has been perfectly preserved by time. We will also pass through Incatunnels and observatories and take in a large variety of orchids and birds. We will then arrive to the third pass at 11,800 feet (3,600 meters). From there, we will visit the archaeological center of Phuyupatamarca and then descend to the fascinating Wiñaywaina at 8,700 feet (3,600 meters). We will stop at this site that means “eternally young,” and have lunch before continuing to the Sungate. After an hour of walking, we will arrive to the Sungate where we will have our first view of Machupicchu. After a rest, we will descend towards Machupicchu where we will take pictures and rest before taking the bus to the nearest town, Aguas Calientes.

Day 5: Machupicchu – CUSCO

we will wake up very early to take the first bus to the city of Machupicchu, where we will be the first visitors of the day to enjoy the magic and mystery of one of the wonders of the world. The tour with your guide will take around 2-3 hours. After, you will have free time to explore the entire city on your own. In the afternoon, we will take the bus down to Aguas Calientes to board the train to Cusco.



  • Bus to trailhead.
  • Bilingual professional guides (English – Spanish).
  • Comfortable mattress, Quadruple tents used for 2 people.
  • Kitchen tent, dining tent, and bathroom tent.
  • Water filter.
  • Porters who will carry equipment and food.
  • Chef, healthy food (Vegetarian option available).
  • Meals (4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 snacks, 3 dinners) – includes crepes, omelets, soups, fresh fruit, avocado,
  • pastas, chicken, fish, meat, rice (all meals will be rich in carbohydrates for hiking) – Hot drinks like coca tea
  • (excellent for the altitude) coffee, cookies, and popcorn.
  • Entrance fee to Machupicchu.
  • Return train ticket to Cusco (backpacker class)
  • First-aid kit, oxygen tank, and radio communication.
  • Additional Optional Services that are included when you book the Inca Trail.
  • The “Qorianka Tours” where you can visit the porters’ village the night before you start your trek.
  • A city tour of Cusco.
  • A safe storage room to leave your backpacks.
  • Optional services must be confirmed at the same time of booking or one month in advance.

Additional Options:

Porters: Depending on your physical fitness, the hike can be strenuous. If you would like to lessen your load, you can hire an extra porter to carry your belongings. You can either hire a porter to carry 8 kilos (18 pounds) for $60 or a porter to carry 15 klos (33 pounds) for $110. Included in this service is the porter’s salary, entrance fee to Machupicchu and food. If you decide to use this service, the porter will carry your packs until Aguas Calientes. You should reserve your extra porter upon reserving the trek because the extra porters are also considered a part of the 500-person maximum on the trail.


Because of the strict regulations of the Machupicchu Park, once you have made your reservation, you cannot cancel the space that you have reserved. You also may not alter the name or date of the reservation. If you are unable to come on the date you have reserved, we cannot reimburse you.
If you cancel 30 days or more in advance there is a refund of your deposit, but, we cannot reimburse the entrance fee to the Inca Trail because the permits are non-refundable and Qorianka Tours purchases the tickets from Machupicchu Park when you reserve your spot.
If you cancel between 30 and 10 days before your trek, you must pay 50% of the total cost.
If you cancel between 10 and 3 days before your trek, you must pay 80% of the total cost.
If you cancel one or two days before your trek, you must pay 100% of the total cost.
In the exceptional case that you decide to head back once you have started the trail, you must pay extra expenses such as food and transportation. You may join the group in Machupicchu for the walking tour and use all of the services onward.

Important information about your passport:

1. Once you have reserved, Qorianka Tours must give your information to Machupicchu Park. This information includes your name, passport number, nationality, gender and age. Everything listed above must be the same upon arrival to the start of the Inca Trail. It is very important that you bring your original passport for the park to verify your information. If any of the information does not match upon arrival, you may not be able to start the trek.

2. In the case that your passport number changes between reserving your spot and the start of your trek, you have two options. You may send us a copy of the new passport at least ten days before the start of your trek. The change costs $12 that you must pay to Machupicchu Park upon arrival. The other option is to bring your old as well as your new passport to the start of the trail. This option will not cost you anything.

3. If your information does not coincide upon arrival to the Inca Trail, Qorianka Tours may not be held responsible.

Not Included:

  • Sleeping bag (you may rent a sleeping back from our office)
  • Lunch on the last day after visiting Machupicchu.
  • Tips for our porters and guides are much appreciated
  • Extra Porters to carry personal things




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